Your Privacy

Last updated: August 6, 2019

We understand that our users need to know what we do with the information we collect when you use our services. This page provides specific answers about what happens to your data when you use,, and If you'd like to read the main policy which these Google services adhere to, see the Google Privacy Policy.

What we log

By nature of running an HTTP server, clients send data in HTTP requests to these services, which log standard HTTP information:

We also log technical details particular to our services and our processing of the requests:

We use that data for monitoring and debugging. In general, we've built these services to retain as little information about usage as possible while still ensuring that we are able to detect and fix problems.

We do not store logged personally identifiable information such as IP addresses for more than 30 days. We also do not correlate or combine information from our request logs with any personal information that you have provided Google for other services.

We intend to aggregate and anonymize usage metrics to measure popularity for Go modules and share this popularity data with the Go community.